Newport Kite Festival
July 8th & 9th, 2017

Local Clubs

  The organizers of the Newport Kite Festival would like to thank the following kite clubs for their support. Without the help and enthusiasm of their many members this event simply would not exist. 

If you are a newcomer to kite flying, consider joining a club. It is a great way to meet and socialize with people of similar interests.

Thank you,
    Ron Kitt

     Kites Over New England


  Kites Over New England is a non-profit club dedicated to sharing the joy and enthusiasm our members have for all areas of kiting. KONE is a kite club for kite flyers of all ages. The club has family-friendly events scheduled throughout the year and all over New England.


  KONE is an affiliate of the American Kitefliers Association and is active in all areas of competitive and recreational kiting. Each year KONE sponsors the annual New England Regional at Nahant Beach in Lynn, MA. We hold our monthly club fly the first Saturday of each month at various locations throughout New England, and Indoor flys during the winter months.

Some members make and fly kites of their own design, others fly commercial kites. Whatever you fly KONE welcomes you to join us at kiting events throughout New England



                Club Email:

                Club Website:

                Club Mailing Address: Kites Over New England

                                                           4 Alice Avenue

                                                           Billerica, MA 01862


  In spring of 1987 Vic and Bernie Walton of Ansonia, Connecticut decided to start a kite club. Invitations were sent to members of the American Kitefliers Association residing in Connecticut, and with 25 charter members the club was formed.


  The original name, "The Society For The Preservation, Enhancement and Encouragement of Tethered Flight In the Housatonic Valley of Connecticut and Environs", was abbreviated to the tongue twister “ConnectiKITERS”.


  Although the evolution of the club has brought several changes, including affiliation as a local chapter of the American Kitefliers Association, the basic nature of the club is still true to its motto: "Just for the Fun of It!” Overtime we have maintained a basic non-competitive, family oriented approach to local club activities. While we have many active and talented sport kite enthusiasts, single line flyers more than share the fields and most members are equally comfortable with either type of kite.

Club flys are held the second Sunday of the month.



                Club Website:

                Club Email:

    New York kite Enthusiasts

  The New York Kite Enthusiasts, "NYKE" for short (pronounced: ni´ke)(rhymes with tie-key), originally formed in the capital region of New York as an organized club in the fall of 1998, to share a mutual passion for kiting with each other and the general public.


  NYKE sponsors ongoing kiting activities that include both outdoor and indoor kite flying, kite building and sewing workshops, kite building workshop with kids, and supporting regional kite festivals.  NYKE members have completed at the regional and national level and have held national titles in fighter kites, Rokkaku battling, and kite building.


  At our Outdoor Fun Flys we meet on our flying field and enjoy getting as many kites into the air as possible.  The Indoor Fun Flys involve flying ultra-light kites on short flying lines, no fans, no wind!


 All events are FREE and open to the public.



                Club Website:

                Club Email:

                Club Mailing Address:  Jeremy Johannesen

                                                            224 Irish Hill Road

                                                            East Berne, N.Y. 12059

                                                            (518) 872-0990