Newport Kite Festival
July 8th & 9th, 2017
Below is the tentative events schedule. Please check back for updated events information for the Newport Kite Festival 2017.

The Candy Drop and the Bol Races are events for kids.

 Time  Event Description
 10:00 am - 4:00 pm  Open Flying All Day

11:00  Flyers Meeting

11:15  Sport Kite lessons

11:45  National Anthem
12:00  Sport Kite Demos
  1:00  Candy Drop for Kids   
  1:15  Giant Kites, Bol Races  
  1:45  Sport Kite Demos
  2:45  Rokkaku Battles for Novices
  3:00  King of the Hill Rokkaku Battles
  3:30  Candy Drops Kids & Adults
  3:45  Cheering for Home Made Kites
  4:00  Power Kite Demos
  4:30  Demo Team Revolution Mega Fly
  4:45  Open Revolution Mega Fly

  5:00  Revolution Kite Lessons